How To Spot A Fake Football Shirt

There're a few tell-tale signs to spotting a fake/unofficial football shirt, here are a few:

1. Quality

Whilst the quality of fake shirts is always improving, there still are a few shortcomings in quality. For example, the club crest, does it feel well made? Is there loose stitching? Or maybe the feel of the shirt just isn't that of an original. The best way to compare the shirt to an original, is to find the original shirt online. This may be through someone selling on eBay, Google images or football shirt companies like ourselves. Look for some close up shots, compare the sponsors and logos.


2. Labels

Head straight into the inside label of the shirt, type the code (photo examples below of big brands) into Google followed buy the brand name and you should more often than not see images/results of the same shirt, this will confirm the authenticity of the shirt.


3. Where you buy from

Choosing where and whom to buy from will increase/decrease the likelihood of your shirt being original/fake. Many second hand Marketplaces such as eBay, do not allow permit sales of unofficial products, they can slip through. Always look for product code images and labels which match up to other originals online. This is why we recommend buying from established football shirt companies, dedicated to sourcing through and selling only official and original shirts. 


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